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can t open pdf on android

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Fortunately, we try several ways and sort out 3 reliable ways to fix PDF won't open problem

Roll Back to an Older Version of Adobe Acrobat When a new version of software comes out, it often brings tons of unexpected issuesYou can always revert to an older version of Adobe that isn't working correctly after an update

can t open pdf on android

But before you do that, make sure you properly uninstall itOnce you're done uninstalling Acrobat, it's time to download an older version to see if that fixes your problemAdobe lets you roll back your copy of Acrobat, and you can use third-party websites that host some older files; however, make sure the source is legit before downloading

can t open pdf on android

8Run a Malware Scan If none of the fixes have worked, ensure the hidden malware is not interrupting the program's operation

can t open pdf on android

You can only do that by running a malware scan

There are several ways to perform a security check in Windows, but we recommend using Windows Defender Offline scan, which is easy to use and freeThen, click the file menu near the top-left side of the window, select Open, and browse to the location of the PDF file

Select the file you want to open by clicking the file name, and then click the Open button to open the fileOpen PDF in Windows Open the file from Windows Explorer After a PDF reader is installed on a computer, any PDF file is associated with that reader and should open when you double-click the file

Open Windows Explorer or My Computer and find the PDF file you want to openDouble-click the PDF file name to open it in Adobe Reader or your PDF reader

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